And the winner is...

posted Jul 1, 2011, 5:05 PM by Sarah Weathersby
I heard from  many of you who thought I should keep the working title of my work-in-progress.  And I received a few other entries that evoked the memory of Urbandour.  The trouble with many of the choices was the "urban" image that I don't want to portray.  I have nothing against "Urban Literature." My work-in-progress just doesn't fit that genre.

So, I slept on it.  Or rather as my sleep-apnea buddies know, I stayed awake half the night on it.  The image I want to portray is the world of internet relationships.

And so the new name for my baby is 

"Screen Name: A1QTEE."  

And I bought myself an Amazon gift certificate.  It's real handy for buying lots of 99 cent Kindle books.

I'll post an excerpt in a few days.